Bringing Artists Together
with the support of Patriot Place, Foxboro Dental Associates, and Foxborough Public Schools

It all began the fall 0f 2013 when Foxborough High School Art Club Advisor, Sheri Polseno, suggested a field trip to a street painting festival in a neighboring town. The twelve students (spanning grades 9-12) and three art teachers caravanned to the festival, wearing their matching tie-dye shirts. Once they arrived, they were in awe of the number of artists they saw both from other school districts and other states. The students quickly joined forces, tackling two 8'x8' squares of cement with their color-coded boxes of chalk pastels. That Saturday afternoon, covered in chalk dust, the students came together as a team. They collaborated on the two pieces, connected by their love for art and their desire to learn new skills. Patrons and parents would stop by and compliment their progress, taking the concepts students had learned in classroom critiques to a whole new level. During breaks, the students would wander around the festival and check on other works in progress. By the end of the day, there was no doubt they would return the following year.


The initial Spark

It was this one event that sparked the proposal for the first annual Foxborough Street Painting Festival held May 2nd, 2015. It was the hope Foxborough Art Department members, Foxborough Public Schools Superintendent Debbie Spinelli, Patriot Place's Director of Marketing Diana Griffin, and Foxboro Dental Associate's Dr. Victor Leung that we could initiate a celebration of arts in our own home town. We envisioned Foxborough artists and artists from neighboring towns, artists of all ages, coming together in a true celebration of creativity and imagination. Looking back each year our vision continues to grow and evolve. We're seeing artists returning each year to hold their titles, more and more family teams signing up for to collaborate on pieces, and artists traveling both across towns and across states to take part in our yearly event. The support from all the amazing artists and from our incredible community has made all the difference. We hope to continue growing and celebrating art with you year after year.