Congratulations to all 2018 FSPF Award Winners

This year Dr. Victor Leung of Foxboro Dental Associates and his close friend Pat Patriot present over $2,000 in awards and trophies
to street painting artists (21 awards total). the ceremony took
place in The amazing Artist's Studio and Gallery at patriot place.


   2018 Awards for students grades K-4

    1st Place - Lacey Desantis & Brenna Davis (Foxborough)
    2nd Place - Eamonn Kelly (Foxborough)
    3rd Place - Alma Ferniera (Franklin)

   2018 Awards for students grades 5-8

    1st Place - Visruth Chavalam (Foxborough)
    2nd Place - Marissa Medeiros (Mansfield)
    3rd Place - Sarah Howard (Foxborough)

   2018 Awards for students grades 9-12

    1st Place - Rowan Rountree-Hanscom (Sandwich)
    2nd Place - Tenely Stonis (Foxborough)
    3rd Place - Gabbi Schilcusky & Team (Foxborough)

 2018 Awards for Adults(19yrs+)

    1st Place -  Kira Hallberg (Foxborough)
    2nd Place - Kalpana Balaraman (Foxborough)
    3rd Place - Alexa Dumont & Team (Foxborough)   












Thank you FSPF Judges

Dr. Victor Leung, Foxboro Dental Associates
Frank Quinn, The Artist's Studio & Gallery
Janice, Custom Framing Manager, A.C. Moore Arts & Crafts

2018 Awards for family teams

1st Place -  Jackie & Olivia Habig (Foxborough)
2nd Place - Strydom Family (Walpole)
3rd Place - Sienna Greenhalgh (Foxborough)

best representation of 2018 theme
'Where I'm From'

1st Place -  McClernan Family (Foxborough)
2nd Place - Aliyah Arruda (Taunton)
3rd Place - Sarah Howard (Foxborough)

2018 People's Choice awards

1st Place -  Kira Hallberg (Foxborough)
2nd Place - Visruth Chavalam (Foxborough)
3rd Place - Tenley Stonis (Foxborough)